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Does Taking a Shower Count as Wudu During Hajj?

Hajj is not common worship among Muslims. Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islam and obligatory on Muslims with certain conditions. If you want to perform Hajj then must fulfill these certain conditions. Hajj is just performed in the last month of Islamic Calendar, Zill Hajj. The Muslims come from different regions and cover the thousand miles distance just to complete the religious responsibility in Makkah.

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Shower and Concept of Wudu

If you are going to take shower just because of pious purposes like janaba or menstruation then as long as you have the Niyyah for ablution, you will truly attain wudu and you don’t need to do the rites of wudu. But if the intention of the shower is to cool down or to clean (removal of extra hairs) oneself, then it doesn’t take the place of ablution. Someone asked a question ‘does ghusl following janaba take the place of wudu?’ from Sheikh Ibn `Uthaymeen. He answered his question,

‘If someone is in a condition of janaba and he performs ghusl, then that is enough and he doesn’t require to do ablution (Wudu).’

Allah the Almighty says in the Holy Book, Quran,

“If you’re in a condition of Janaba (i.e. after a sexual release), cleanse yourselves (wash your entire body) …” (Al-Maida: 5:6)

Conditions Need to Be Met During Shower

Yes, the religion of peace, Islam does allow to perform actions of Wudu during shower. But, 5 conditions are necessary to meet, check out here,

  • While showering, the person should have the Niyyah of wudu in his heart.

  • A person should ensure that pure and clean water has reached to your entire body or all parts of the human body have been wet with water.

  • Rinse your mouth with water just 3 times.

  • Similarly, rinse your nostril with clean water just 3 times. (If possible then use your little finger of your left hand to clean it)

  • Using your fingers rinse thrice your belly button as well.

So, while showering, there is no need to repeat the actions of ablution after performing ghusl. We know that during Hajj, sexual interaction doesn’t allow, but if you do ghusl while showering just for the Niyyah of reward then you also no need to perform the actions of wudu. If your wudu breaks after ghusl then definitely your wudu will break and you need to do wudu again.

So, just visit the House of Allah without any troubles relating to wudu and ghusl. When you are going to visit the Holy Haram must perform ghusl and it means you do wudu as well. Allah is a Great and Seeing your acts and worships. He will definitely give you a great reward in hereafter life.

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