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The traveling of Prophet Moses from Egypt to Midian

One day Moses got furious when he saw an Israelite individual who was being beaten by an Egyptian man. Moses was so powerful that as he hit the first to Egyptian man he at once died. Moses had no intention to kill him but randomly a murder was committed by him.

The next day, Moses again saw the same Israelite man fight with another gentleman. Moses perceived to man being wicked and went ahead towards the fighter. As he saw Moses he called the people and told them that Moses wanted to kill him as a man had already been killed by him the previous day.

Thus, the news of the murder of Egyptian individual instantly reached at the knowledge of Pharaoh. He immediately ordered the soldiers to arrest the Moses. A well-wisher informed about the Pharaoh intention to Moses and in the meantime, Moses left Egypt and in no time he left the soldiers behind.

Moses continued his journey and reached a place (Midian) where some people were taking the water from the well. He laid down under the tree near the well as he had much tired. At gazing toward the well he saw two girls who were standing at some distance from the well.

Moses stood up and went towards them. He asked the reason why they were not filling their pots with water. They told that they were not allowed to fill the water during the crowd.

Moses clutched the pots and reached at the mouth of the well by repelling the people. Since Moses was so tall and powerful that no one had the courage to resist him from taking the water forcibly. Moses filled the water and gave the pots of water to girls.

Those who fight against cruelty must be rewarded in worldly and spiritual domains by Allah (SWT).

Thus, we should not miss even little virtue perhaps we would be compensated on the behalf of that little virtue. So, every time we should pardon of our sins for the salvation. And the best place for ablution is the Kaaba. If you want to get the Divine’s concentration then you must visit the Kaaba through the Cheap Umrah Packages 2019 which will take you more close to God.

Moses again laid down under the tree to take the rest. Both sisters told the story of the well which they had faced on the well. Her father sent them again to invite Moses to their home on her father appeal.

One of them in the state of shy came near the Moses and invited him at her home on the request of her father. Moses followed them and entered the home of girls. He met their father who had grown old. He requested Moses to tell about himself.

Those who speak the truth certainly find the worthy consequences like Moses. He spoke the truth and got the huge reward both in earthly and divinely fields. So, we should avoid telling the lie as Allah (SWT) metaphors the person of telling a lie with Munafiqeen.

If you find yourself in any some lie, immediately withdraw to lie and apologize to Allah (SWT). Plenty of people pardon their sins in the House of God (Kaaba) as they know that pray is not rejected in the Kaaba. Most people make their arrangements in the Holy month of Ramadan as there are maximum chances for the salvation of man. Thus, Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 will increase your virtues immense.

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Thus, Moses narrated all the previous incident. The father of girls relieved Moses to give him the surety of not entering their land by Pharaoh. One girl whispered his father to allow Moses to live in their home as he was powerful and they would find him the true caretaker.

The old man proposed that he could spend the time in his home as much as he could wish. And he also proposed that if he would invigilate his livestock till seven years he got married one of his daughters.

Moses accepted his proposal and spend the seven years by invigilating the livestock. After passing the seven years Moses wanted to go back (Egypt). Thus, he was allowed to go back from the old man according to the agreement. Moses with his wife set off the journey to Egypt.

Since the journey was so long that there might be spent several days to reach Egypt. They took a rest while darkness. Moses perceived the fire at some distance, so he went towards the fire to take little fire to light up their temporary cottage.

“When Moses completed the term, he set off the journey with his family. He saw the fire from the Mount Tur and said to his family that he saw a fire and she had to wait, perhaps he might bring to her some news as well as burning fire-brand for herself.

As he reached near the fire.

certainly Moses found an illuminated tree instead of fire. Moses got fear to see the exotic tree and took his steps back. Meanwhile, an unexpected sound was transmitted by the floodlit tree which seized the steps of Moses to go back.

Moses heard,

“Blessing from Him, who is inside the fire, as well as outside the fire! And far removed is God from every imperfection, the Lord exists everywhere. O, Moses! Verily I am Lord, the All-Mighty and All-Wise”

Then God ordered Moses to remove his shoes as he was standing at the holy place. After removing the shoes Moses was rewarded with Prophecy by Allah (SWT).

“Verily! I am the Lord Who has the right to be worshiped but no other. Thus, worship me and perform the prayer to remember Me. Certainly, the time is coming which has veiled and those will be rewarded for what they had done. Let not anyone who does not believe in its coming (The Day of Resurrection) but follows his own desire. Don’t be cruel lest you perish.

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